About Me

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Spent five years living in Golden, Colorado after that. And I have been in Jacksonville, Florida since then. I earned my degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of North Florida. I worked for several years in the railroad industry in human resources and absolutely loved my career. My passion for my career was quickly and ever so easily overshadowed by my passion for my kids. My family comes first, above all else. My kids are my life and I am first and foremost a Stay At Home Mom now. My journey as a photographer started as a hobby while tending to mom duties and capturing priceless memories of my own kids. After my second baby, I decided it was a passion worth pursuing even further. I set off to educate myself, train, and become accomplished in the photography field. Several years later, here I am!

I have always treasured photos and can’t help but feel they are one of the most important possessions we could have. Because, after all, in the end, what else do you have but memories? To be able to capture a moment in time when everything is continuously and rapidly changing around you is priceless. As my husband’s favorite quote goes: “It’s funny how day by day nothing changes. But when you look back everything is different”.

Photography is a skill I have worked hard to develop with great joy and passion. I decided to commit to making a flourishing photography business in 2015. Holly Scott Photography is a registered LLC. I strive to make every session enjoyable and easy flowing. I firmly believe that communication, education, and customer service are the back bone to any business and I will do all I can to be there for my clients.


I married a pretty amazing guy! We have four amazing kids. Our life is busy, loud, chaotic, and overflowing with love. Since we have such a big family, this is such a positive influence on my photography. Being able to be silly with kids, make families laugh, understand kids thresholds and maintain a fun environment is a big goal of mine. We are clearly crazy because we took on a golden retriever puppy with four kids. We named him Thor and he fits the loud, rambunctious, loving lifestyle very well.